Friday, January 11, 2008

AD Melkert the most corrupt Dutch Politician speaks in Chile about "the Dutch job and welfare experience"

While the whole world is learning more everyday about the corruption of the Dutch politicians inside the UNDP (Eveline Herfkens and Ad Melkert), Mr. Melkert has the guts to teach in Santiago - Chile the Dutch Welfare experience.

After miss-managing millions of dollars of Dutch tax payers inside the UNDP Labyrinths, now this failed social-democrat wants to teach the world about how welfare system works in Netherland ? Well we are certain that the Dutch system must be really good, specially for politicians like him and his girlfriend Eveline Herfkens, who have managed to divert the savings of millions of Dutch taxpayers into their dirty affairs inside the World Bank and UNDP.

Ad Melkert would be better if you just get out of the United Nations. You are a disgrace to the Dutch good name and reputation.

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Anonymous said...

Our good name you kidding me? This absolutily normal behaviour for a social-democrate, their entire party is as corrupt as can be, you just don't hear about it because they have editorial immunity, no journalist wil ever write a critical piece about them because newspapers can't survive on ads anymore, they need the money from leftist organisations, and the bread you eat dictates the words you speak. Everybody is absolutily sick of them, and they are going to get a major beating next elections.