Thursday, August 23, 2012

Scandal: 637 Millionaires work for UNDP !!

United Nations Development Millionaires !

Welcome to the Republic of Humanitarian Millionaires !!

As per the latest internal statistics report of UNFCU for 2011, it revealed that only from UNDP (United Nations Development Progamme) 637 individual accounts are at $1 Million plus dollars.

Yes you heard it well:

637 UNDP Staffers are Millionaires !

While the above have $1 Million + in their accounts, the report also reveals that at least 1041 other UNDP staffers have home loans between $850K - $1.5 Million. Translation: 1041 UNDP staffers have enough salary (income) to justify million dollar homes in New York (or tri-state area NY/NJ/CT).


Anonymous said...

This is interesting! A similar analysis should be done of UNICEF. I am sure the findings will be surprising...........considering the number of married couples acting as reps in various countries but living in NY.

Anonymous said...

your right and do not worry about UNDP or UNICEF its the same with all UN agencies and one more interesting is that is most of countries their income is tax free as well.

Anonymous said...

This is the main reason for the flawed recruitment procedure in UNDP. The HR department people have told me that some of the recent high-level appointments were totally not merit-based and that better candidates were eliminated in the favor of insiders. Partly due to the influence of Cihan Sultanoglu (ex HR head) who was set to be the new REgional director for Europe and CIS. Is this how they advice countries to develop through transparency and professional appintments?