Monday, August 6, 2012

New Zealand Herald: Protest over 'airbrushed' Helen Clark photo

Helen Clarke as she appears in an image on the United Nations website. Photo / Supplied
Helen Clarke as she appears in an image on the United 
Nations website. Photo / Supplied

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Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has been accused of misrepresenting her appearance in a United Nations website profile picture.

She was appointed Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme in 2009.

Her profile page on the UN website carries a biography and high-resolution version of the picture.
John Creser, of Wellington, complained to the UN ethics office that Helen Clark had misrepresented her image on the website, saying it was wrong for her to use a computer-generated image, or avatar.
Mr Creser believed the website should use a natural, unedited image of her face.

"Why should an airbrushed - new chin, no jowls - campaign image of her that wouldn't be permitted as a passport photograph be considered suitable for the United Nations website?" he said.

In 2008 a voter complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about a Labour Party flyer, saying the photo made the then-Prime Minister look too young and glamorous.

The authority ruled the photos did not break advertising codes.

Helen Clark is on her way to New Zealand for a holiday and could not be reached for comment


By Kate Shuttleworth 

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Beef-Hooked said...

The air brushing is in a sense trivial- but symbolic of the govt methodology to resolve the(unpublished) third component of the complaint involving a close associate of Helen Clark's , and her subsequent "airbrushing" of historical events, which began with Helen not reporting on certain submissions made to the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into Industrial Democracy.

Matters arising from the original dispute were put to Parliament in question 10848 and prior to that, the Inquiry into Industrial Democracy, which received detailed submissions concerning an associate of Helen's (now a JP)who was linked to the theft of evidence form another party to proceedings before the Labour Court.

Helen Clark was the chairman of that committee, which failed to note the error in the Labour Relations act and the lack of democracy in the Northern Clerical Workers Union.Obviously it was in the interests of the union backed Labour Party not to record the facts relating to the activities of prominent unionists who had tried to take advantage of a mistake in the law to avoid their obligations to allow democracy within their Union.

This involved Tau Henare, Willie & Syd Jackson-, who avoided a complaint to the union about Syd Jackson's association with Muamar Qaddafi, by canceling the membership of the person making the complaint.