Friday, October 11, 2013

UN brewing up new -- and expensive – global 'sustainability development goals'

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EXCLUSIVE: The United Nations is planning to create a sweeping new set of “sustainable development goals” for the planet that will likely require trillions of dollars of spending on poverty and the environment, a drastic reorganization of economic production and consumption -- especially in rich countries -- and even greater effort in the expensive war on climate change.
It’s an agenda that its prominent boosters have declared will make the next 15 years “some of the most transformative in human history,” although the exact nature of the goals themselves, and how they are to be achieved, is unclear.

Cihan Sultanoğlu (a Turk) is trying hard to repair history with Armenia with UN money !

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The city of Gyumri is gifted with rich historical and cultural monuments. During centuries a unique architectural style has been formed in Gyumri, with more than 1,600 historical-architectural buildings covering an area of about 220 hectares. Most of them were built in the same period – 19th and beginning of 20th centuries. However, during the recent years the city’s historical and cultural heritage has suffered due to the 1988 devastating earthquake and insufficient funding and investments by public and private sectors. This, in its turn, hindered community development and investment flows to the second largest city of Armenia.
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Armenia and the RA Ministry of Culture, with the financial support of the Government of Italy, initiated a project aimed at regeneration of the urban environment in the city of Gyumri, thus making it more attractive place to live, visit and work and contributing to its socio-economic revival. Within the framework of the project, one of Gyumri’s historical buildings, constructed in 1860-1913 and considered as a constituent part of history and architecture of the city, was renovated to serve as a public library for the residents of the city.

Liberia: EPA, UNDP to Launch Climate Change Project

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is expected to formally launch a project titled, "Strengthening Liberia's capability to Provide Climate Information and Services to Enhance Climate Resilient Development and Adaptation to Climate Change".
A UNDP release said the project is aimed at setting up an Early Warning System to help Liberia adapt to the negative impact of climate change in the face of economic development.
According to the release, conference is being supported by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) through the Least Developed Country's Funds (LDCF) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), with co-financing from UNDP and the Government of Liberia.

UN Whistleblower Wasserstrom on TI Report: Total Lack of Institutional Accountability

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Noted Peacekeeping Mission Whistleblower Available for CommentUNO_New_York

(Washington, DC) – Earlier today, Transparency International UK's Defence and Security Programmereleased a new reportCorruption & Peacekeeping: Strengthening Peacekeeping and the United Nations. Government Accountability Project (GAP) client and pioneer UN whistleblower James Wasserstrom is available to the media to comment on the report's findings that need additional focus, and make recommendations about how the international body can take steps to achieve real accountability.
Wasserstrom made the following statement:
Transparency International has done a fine job in highlighting many of the issues of corruption in UN peacekeeping missions. This report is just the latest strong piece of evidence in a string that proves the United Nations lacks basic measures of real accountability in its peacekeeping missions and institutional headquarters, and continues to pay nothing more than lip service to transparency and accountability. 

As one who has personally fought corruption in one such mission – the UN Mission in Kosovo – and paid the price for whistleblowing, I take an even firmer stance on the paramount issue of stemming wrongdoing in these critical tasks. The United Nations' failure over decades to seriously address its own obvious and long-standing deficiencies in fighting internal corruption is absolutely unacceptable. The band-aid approach to solving problems, all superficial acts for public consumption or appeasement of the international community, fall well short of real progress that achieves real accountability for international taxpayers and the billions they have provided to this just cause.
Wasserstrom is available to comment to members of the media on the report. Please contact GAP Communications Director Dylan Blaylock at, 202.457.0034 ext 137 or 202.236.3733 to arrange a phone interview. Please note that Wasserstrom is based in Asia.

UNDP becomes a parking lot for New Zealand's Labour MPs...(After all those great things Labour did in NZ now they can change the world well)

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Charles Chauvel. Photo / File
Charles Chauvel. Photo / File
Labour MP Charles Chauvel is resigning from Parliament to take up a job with the United Nations in New York.
Mr Chauvel, a List MP, said he had resigned effective from March 11.
He will work for the UN Development Programme organisation former Prime Minister Helen Clark leads - as an advisor on Parliamentary Development and Democratic Governance.
Mr Chauvel said Ms Clark was not involved in his selection - "I don't think she even knows I have the job."
He said he had been a member of the UN Global Commission on HIV and the Law for the past two years and had found that work challenging.
"The new full-time role with the UN presents a similar opportunity to make a difference and I look forward to the challenges that it will present."
Former MP Carol Beaumont is next on Labour's list - followed by Kelvin Davis.