Thursday, May 15, 2008

Somalia: Women of the Banadiri community condemned UNDP and UNOPS

The women of the Banadiri community in Mogadishu have today come together for wide conference at Hamarweyn district in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

These women have widely condemned two United Nation Organization, that is UNDP and UNOPS for they have neglected their rights to attend a conference, which is due to, take place in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

"All women from the different tribes in Somalia were invited in the conference which conducted by UNDP and UNOPS and we are left behind and that is absolutely inhuman," said Asha Malaq Mahdi a member of the Banadiri women.

The top agenda of these meeting sponsored and conducted by these two UN bodies is mainly focused on how to adopt women in the political arena, which is now dominated by men.

The agents of UNDP and UNOPS who have made unlawful selection to the Somali women swallowed up the rights of the Banadiri women.

"We are the most peace lovers in the country and we always campaign for peace, we have never hold any sort of armament, we are not armed people we were expecting to be rewarded and given peace credentials, but unfortunately we are ignored. On the other hand we are informing the participating women that our rights were neglected," added Asho Malaq Mahdi.

Lastly we are urging the concerned parts to take reasonable steps towards this standing tension created by the selection agents of UNDP and UNOPS.

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