Thursday, May 29, 2008

Finding who is the mole...

Immediately after the publication in FOX NEWS of the Audit on UNDP Procurement, a major campaign was underway to find out who leaked the document.

By mid afternoon, OIST and the two SSAs hired to spy on staff, have narrowed their search and found out that the copy of the report with "blacked-out" findings was only distributed to very few managers. List is about 9 individuals who had that type of "restricted" report.

This morning the gestapo machinery will focus on calling upon all the 9 and make them spill out (a) who leaked it (b) to whom they leaked it (c) what more they leaked so far.

The list was delivered last nite to 21st floor, with at least three names underlined.

As Ad Melkert said: "we will find who the US mole is inside UNDP".

UNDP Watch will follow this morning and continue to report.

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