Thursday, May 29, 2008

UNDP kept PSO audit findings secreet from its own staff !!

Letter to UNDP Watch:

I am a staff of Procurement Support Office in UNDP. I was personally very disturbed when I read yesterday in FoxNews the revelation that an Audit Report was done to our operations, and that indeed the score of our work was UNSATISFACTORY.

While I personally do not share many of UNDP Watch's comments and maybe the strategy to fight the system from inside by revealing to the world internal problems, I am deeply concerned with deception and lies that our managers Jim Provenzano and Krishan Batra were telling us at PSO about the "real" findings of this audit.

I can't understand how managers can keep these terrible findings secreet for so long? Why hide from us the reality, while "stressing on daily basis that instead UNDP Watch is not telling the truth"....

Moreover, I was dismayed when I saw last nite on FOXNEWS TV the interview and comments of the UNDP's Spokesperson, Mr. Dujarric, who claimed that "UNDP is currently cleaning up and correcting audit findings"...

Who is cleaning up ? One thing is for sure not us at PSO. None of us in PSO is involved in Vendor Cleaning or Correction of any form or shape.

First is illegal to "clean" up a vendor, without a proper process of delisting. Is also illegal and with direct implication to anyones immage to be delisted from the UN/UNDP database without a reason for doing that.

Second most of the 500 thousand Vendors inside UNDP, are not our vendors, but rather vendors whom are added to our Finance System (ATLAS) through projects that we manage on behalf of other UN Agencies, who entrust us with their CO payments and or projects. How can we clean up their vendors - without a process of consultation and ethical disclosure?

Third who is this entity or individual with supernatural powers inside UNDP that can assess and confidently decide who is deleted and who "stays" inside our Vendor List?

We never had a process in place to decide how a vendor become vendor in first place. We still dont have a process of accountability and monitoring of vendor performance.

I am also disturbed with the impunity and chronism iside out organization. Whenever smth this big is revealed UNDP management rushes in to ensure that "proper correction actions are being taken".

But sorry who is accountable for allowing 6 billion USD to be lost in un-approved project activities ? Who is accountable for millions in waivers ? Who approves vendors inside ATLAS ? Believe me very few managers have those rights. And we all know who they are.

Today I can share with you that many staffers inside PSO have lost their faith and trust entirely on our managers. Personally they can say anything from today on, I will never believe them.



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