Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who is Dervis and Melkert watching ?

Kemal Dervis and Ad Melkert have set-up a firewall mechanism which has put together a Watch List of dissidents and potential "weak" loose- cannons-managers that can become problematic down the road.

Two SSAs at OIST were entrusted the job of Watching and screening thru thousand of outgoing and incoming personal and official emails and instant messages that those on the "list" have.

At end of each day a report with potential "red flags" is delivered at 6:00 pm to Gettu (Dervis's Chief of Staff) who than screens it and prepares briefing for Kemal and Ad and how to deal with the internal potential "uprising".

As any other dictatorship, the paranoia is high, and therefore we were not surprised when we learned that the first to be on the list were the Heads of Regional Bureaus, Heads of Thematic Groups, Comptroller and Treasurer, Head of Legal, Head of PSO and even the new head of OAPR.

But most dangerous game is that UNDP put under tight watch all correspondence of the so called "independent review panel" and all their email apparatus including LAN were doubled out and screened at end of each day by separate "trustful eyes". Two separate lines go from 7th and 8th floor of Uganda house to thru-their basement to "no-where...".

The list also contains entire "potential disturbing units", like BoM/PSO, BoM/Legal, BoM/Travel, etc. The most important element is that all American citizens working at HQs and those in the field have been put under the watch List and their emails (personal + - for those at HQs; and - for those at COs) are totally under 24 hour watch by super-potent computers who run instantly password cracking and use brutal force softwares to crack individual passwords and instant messaging passowrds (MSN + Skype).

OIST has also put coded names for each trouble individuals. Representatives of UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS Staff Council are among those singled out as Red Flags. UNDP has created a dedicated parallel double to UNFPA email server to look out on the "german" (OIST coded name for Stephan Flaetgen - Vice President of Staf Council). He and Dimitri Samaras are among those whom are watched the most, and whose machines (desktops) are not only screened but are put a direct VPN to make sure that they don't use external drives to remove information out of their offices.

The most interesting thing is that UNDP's PSO/ACP approved without knowing - that they were approving the hiring of a firm and two long term consultants for OIST last November 07, whom not only were hired without any job description, but their current location is un-known and that they would have been granted direct administrative access and responsibility to the HQs servers (Email & Satellite Comm servers).

How can the United States of America, the host country for UNDP HQs and United Nations HQs allow that a foreign entity with super-natural immunities and internal established impunity, which have multiple time violated the national interest and security of US, be allowed to established such powerful illegal mechanisms who violate the rights of its staff, but most importantly violate the rights of the US citizens working within this organization ?

Does UNDP and UN knows that is illegal in the United States of America to scrutinize without a court order the emails of US citizens?

UNDP watch will publish the whole list of those under watch and will be sending a direct watch-out email to all those who's rights were violated int he past 6 months.

Who else Dervis was watching ? Maybe Ban Ki-moon ?

Continue to read UNDP Watch for more on this and thank you very much for your continuing support. Keep your internal docs comming.

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