Thursday, May 22, 2008

A multi-millionaire in a $59.99 suit !!

Yes this is the guy - his name is Krishan Batra. The most "successful" Chief of ACP in the history of United Nations Development Programme.

During his tenure the ratio of approved with-no-minutes of ACP Waivers, Direct Procurement and fake vendors went up by a staggering 231%.

Private minutes of ACP meetings show that Krishan Batra was approving and uploading on his own at the rate of 3-to-1 cases. Cases that never passed and were never reviewed by ACP members, were sent to CPO for direct procurement, while no one were able nor dared to ask questions about how could all those billions make it without technical nor simple administrative review.

A man that underneath his cheap green suit, his reckless and quasi "homeless" outlook, who can pass anytime for a cleaner or the most random photocopy man, is none of the above.

He is the most sophisticated money making machine the corrupt history of our almost fifty-year single malt bureaucracy has ever seen. Yes dear colleagues he is the Head Cleaner !!

Today UNDP cannot even tell how much was/is the damage created by this man, on behalf of these CPOs during the recent years:

  • Jan Mattsson;
  • Bruce Jenks;
  • Akiko Yuge;
  • James Provenzano;

All the above, themselves do not know how many times they signed paperwork, served to them from this "perfect servant" and first class ass-leaking. With his fake smile, Krishan was able to pass millions upon millions of dollars, in :

  • un-approved project expenditures;
  • un-approved activities;
  • un-foreseen and un-signed MoUs;
  • non-existing vendors;
  • contracts with no specifications nor technical details;
  • contracts with no paperwork - who were rushed in for sake of the non-existing poor;

And many more .......

Eventhough all the above is totally proven and known to the Regime of Kemal Dervis and Ad Melkert, they have chosen the path of turning an blind eye on Krishan.

But why ? Does Krishan holds any secrets on Kemal Dervis and Ad Melkert? Have they made any deals? How many approvals Krishan processed on their behalf ? How many millions he produced and shared or provided the cut for Kemal Dervis and Melkert ?

Well dear colleagues, you might be saying all the above is untrue and is the making of group of crazy UNDP maybe right......or wrong......

Soon we will all see !!!

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