Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UNDP's Procurement Support Office shredding thousands of files on vendors

A big shredder has been purchased and working full time at the basement of FF Building located in the East 45th Street in Manhattan.

Krishan Batra and James Provenzano are constantly delivering hundreds of thousand of pages and folder every afternoon for shredding. Folders are checked carefully and their electronic references are carefully listed with one of the most trusted Fridakis's followers who's role is to make sure that all hard-drives of Dell laptops and desktops of PSO are duly screened and cleaned.
Meanwhile two ATLAS experts have been engaged in a full time cleaning exercise within the ATLAS to delete all current listed vendors, active and non-active ones. Only the first two weeks of May, BOM/OIST and Atlas Support (17th floor) - under Akiko Yuge's direct supervision have cleaned and destroyed successfully the evidence of at least 176,432 vendors from the ATLAS procurement platforms.
The order to delete and destroy all vendor registration forms has gone to all Resident Representatives around the world, as well as Regional CPOs, whom are required that by the end of 31st May to have finished trashing and cleaning process of all "suspicious vendors". Including at least - 89 banned from the UN, 148 banned from World Bank, 283 banned from UNGM and thousand of vendors blacklisted under terrorist list of the United States Treasury and State Department.

Krishan's laptop is no longer in his desk's drawer where he used to leave it before, his and Lisa Roy's laptop has been totally wiped out and their HDs has been replaced by more "powerful" and clean ones. If anyone would be interested to verify, both their computers (laptops) have a brent new configured HD, as well as operating systems.

The order of Kemal Dervis is clear: - Destroy all evidence and make sure that nothing is left behind.

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