Friday, May 30, 2008

UNDP PSO hides 87 contracts with terrorist organizations

UNDP's PSO is trying to make disappear from all systems 87 contracts with terrorist linked / affiliated companies.

The list contains :

- 8 UN-Blacklisted Terror List companies;
- 11 UN-Blacklisted Terror List individuals as owners of companies ;
- 35 US Treasury blacklisted companies and banks;
- 20 US Treasury blacklisted individuals as owners of companies;
- 13 US Treasury blacklisted individuals as owners or shareholders of banks doing business with UNDP;

UNDP OIST is cooperating in daily basis with Darshak Shah and julie Anne Mejia to ensure that the transactions that took place in with the above companies and/or banks and/or individuals are completely cleaned from UNDP's ATLAS and all related documentations.

UNDP is keeping the number of those involved in the process extremely low and those involved are controlled directly from OIST and their emails, hardware including their bags are all searched on the way in and out. No USB keys or phones with blutooth are allowed to enter the room were transaction is taking place. Meanwhile all those involved are under "P" long-term contracts.

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