Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CISCO getting ready for big business with United Nations

After some well deserved sunny days in the south seas, and a retreat with our insiders held in remote location in Europe, UNDP Watch is back and ready to face the next step of the UNDP dictatorship. 

Thank God, while we were away, UNDP realized how destabilizing David Morrison was for the Agency's reputation and got rid of him, assigning a professional as spokesperson. UNDP Watch welcome Mr. Dujarric and looks forward to see how he will be covering up for this corrupt management.

But now back to business. Thanks to the "strategic" partnership UNDP is building with private companies accross the world, and specially with CISCO and GOOGLE, please find here a job description which indicates how "strategic" the UN/UNDP business is to CISCO europe.

Uauuuuuuuu the way CISCO MoU with UNDP has already expired while UNDP's Corrupt Procurement Lords - Jim Provenzano, Krishan Batra, Akiko Yuge, Bruce Jenks and Mr. Gettu under the nose of the Staff Council are continuing to issue ACP approvals for waivers of procurement for a company who's relation to UNDP has expired.

While CISCO is hiring top guys to be able to manage 10-20 millions dollars of revenues annually from the UN/UNDP.


Location: Belgium-Diegem
Job Title: UN Strategic Account Manager Region: EUROPEAN MARKETS
Area of Interest: Sales
Level of Experience: Experienced - Non Manager
Job Description: United Nations Strategic Account Manager responsible for developing executive relationships and identifying strategic sales opportunities in the Unites Nations located in European Market

Responsibilities include:

- Building strong customer executive relationship in the business and technical areas
- Facilitating senior executive peering relationships between Cisco and UN
- Creation of detailed strategic business and account plans to maximize penetration and revenue growth
- Ability to deal with unpredictable, as well as tolerance for longer sales cycles
- Understand market competition
- Matching customer and Cisco business goal to maximize the wins for both parties
- Identification of strategic product/technology insertion
- Ability to manage extended team of technical, sales and marketing resources to close high-end sale.
- Solid funnel creation ability
- Frequent travel to UN locations in European Market

Skill required:

- must be a self starter, with experience in developing and maintaining senior executive relationship
- excellent verbal and written communication skills and presentation skills
- knowledge of, and experience selling to International Accounts preferred
- solid understanding of technology and networking
- must have excellent negotiations skills
- must be able to build and execute against a strategic account plan that generates $ 10 – 20 M$ in annual revenue
- requires a bachelor’s degree and with a proven track record of sales success in Infrastructure business in the telecommunication environment
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External said...

At least Stephane Dujarric will be better than the UN Secretariat spin-meistres. Either these people don't know how to use the computer to get updates or they play dumb