Wednesday, September 24, 2008

VICTORY# 83: Executive Board takes away Ethics Office from Kemal Dervis DECIDES it will report directly to the Board

Executive Board REJECTS UNDP request for Administrator to oversight the Ethics Office and DECIDES that Elia Armstrong should Report yearly directly to Executive Board

UNDP’s proposed accountability map

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Executive Board Decision

9.     Urges the Administrator of UNDP and the Executive Directors of UNFPA and UNOPS, in appointing (a) members of their Audit Advisory Committees; (b) directors of their Ethics Offices; and (c) directors of the UNDP Office of Audit and Investigations and the UNFPA Division for Oversight Services, and the Head of the UNOPS Internal Audit Office; while applying existing guidelines[1], to ensure the avoidance of conflicts of interest;

10.           Decides that the Ethics Office of UNDP should submit a report to the Executive Board at its annual session;

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Vanja said...

Ms Kori Udovicki, Regional Director for Europe and CIS potential conflict of interest
Letter sent to Ms Udovicki and her supervisors, Mr. Dervis and Melkert i pasted below

Dear Ms. Udovicki,

I am writing to you on behalf of the NGO MANS from Montenegro dealing with fight against corruption.

We are extremely concerned, given your high level position and origin from the region, about a potential conflict of interest that is result of your engagement in private University partly owned by our Prime minister.

We have met at consultations you have held with selected NGOs on your last visit to Montenegro. As you might remember from that meeting, MANS is monitoring implementation of the Law on Conflict of Interest, and watching over income and business interests of high level public officers.

Among others, we are monitoring businesses of the current Prime Minister, Mr. Milo Djukanovic, and several companies that also include private University called "Univerzitet Donja Gorica" (UDG). The building of the University was built without a planning permission, and started operating without license from the Ministry of Education, while numerous public actors have questioned sources of its financing, in particular in relation to involvement of Mr. Djukanovic.

We have found out at the official web site of the UDG University ( that you are one of guest speakers at the Faculty for international economy, finance and business. Although the University is established after you have started working at your current post, your CV is, however, written without mentioning your current position as Assistant Administrator and Regional Director in UNDP at (

We believe that in a framework of the UN Convention against Corruption you are considered as "official of a public international organization". Having in mind that UN family is strongly advocating fight against corruption as a pathway out of poverty, while the UNCAC is setting basic requirements for conflict of interest regulations, we believe that your engagement, whether paid or not, as high level UN official, at this University could be perceived as contrary to the UN principles.

We believe that you will realize that your engagement at the UDG University owned by the Prime Minister would be perceived by the public at large as channel for inappropriate influence and we are hoping that you will not accept any further engagement in private businesses owned whether by the Prime Minister himself or other decision makers in Montenegro.


Vanja Calovic

Vanja Ćalović
Izvršni direktor / Executive Director

Mreza za afirmaciju NVO Sektora - MANS
The Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector - MANS

Dalmatinska 188, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
+382 (0)81 266 326, 266 327
+382 (0)81 266 328 (fax)