Monday, September 15, 2008

Ban Ki-moon: -"member states should account to me - and I account to God"..

Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary general of the United Nations, produced his first achievement book in little less than two years in office.

He starts the book by telling us of what he seeks to achieve throughout his tenure in office, enlisting three main objectives. He sees an Organization where:

First, we must deliver results for people most in need;
Second, we must
secure global goods; and
Third, we must create s tronger UN through full

Ban sees accountability as a fundamental organizing principle and operational guideline for the United Nations and its Member States. He believes that UN should be a place in which all players are held accountable for upholding their responsbilities.

Who would agree with the above noble objectives.

What's amazing though, is that when it comes to the THIRD OBJECTIVE in his book there is nothing about how Ban Ki-moon contributed so far or would contribute to make United Nations more accountable and transparent to its constituencies - the Member States, but rather in page 28, Ban call upon member states to be accountable to him (to the United Nations) and follow thru with their promisses.

What about United Nations? How is United Nations accountable to the Member States on the 118 Billion USD per year that Member States bestow to its Secretariat and UN's Funds and Programmes around the world?

Only at UN Kids - only at United Nations.

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