Wednesday, September 3, 2008

UNDP opens North Korea Office: - major celebration scheduled for 13th of September in Pyongyang

a UNDP team chaired by Vinnet Bhatia (Deputy Resident Representative), formerly declared persona non-grata by Pyongyang on 1st April 2007,  arrived in Pyongyang in mid August and has started the re-opening of the office. 

During the second week of August the team focused in re-hiring all the Korean Staff that was in-office as of 16 March 2007.  Among others, Li Kum-sun - former finance officer responsible of all CASH payments and double accounting, is now back in office and has started with a new title of Finance Assistant. 

Vinnet Bhatia is rushing to have all office painted and cleaned up for the big opening scheduled on the 13th of September 2008, barely few hours after the finishing of Executive Board Meeting in New York, where members were supposed to discuss the: OPENING or NOT of UNDP in North Korea.

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