Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Worst enemy of a turk a turk !!!

Who do you call when you have 19 sunken ships by the harbor blocking a major supply artery into Iraq, if you were the UN? The Turkish salvage tycoon Kahraman Sadikoglu. Now nearly five years later Kahraman finds himself suing the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), headed by another fellow Turk Kemal Dervis, to the tune of about $50 million plus $100,000 a day in interest and expenses.

Apparently, Sadikoglu's crews "cleared the 19 wrecks at a pace that earned praise from the UNDP and the Coalition Provisional Authority, or CPA, the U.S.-led interim government in Iraq . . . At the request of the CPA, the UNDP in 2003 expanded the contract with Tuzla (Sadikoglu's company) from 19 to 32 wrecks."

But he's never been paid for all that extra work. And having Dervis at the helm of the UNDP is not helping the matter. Dervis continues to refuse to meet with Sadikoglu or his attorneys. What gives? One 'successful' Turk not helping out another, that's what! . . . Why is that such an epidemic amongst the Turks?

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