Monday, March 17, 2008

The defense attorney of the UN - a corrupt man !!!

today the system produced the next corruption, the man who was suppose to defend the honor of the United Nations in any legal proceedings worldwide, as well as to oversee UN's internal Legal Affairs Division broke the UN rules on housing subsidy.

How can anyone at the United Nations or the public outside expect justice be done, when the Head of the UN's Legal Affairs Department, Mr. Nicholas Michel was a corrupt person, with a huge skeleton inside the closet of Kofi Annan.

The latest discovery from UNDP Watch, led to final admission that Mr. Michel might have not acted indipendendly in his judgment as well as legal representation of the UN. In a secreet deal between the Secretary General, the then Kofi Annan and Swiss Government, it was agreed that Nicholas Michel against all rules and regulation would receive full housing subsidy from Switzerland during his tenure at the UN.

What a shame !!


Anonymous said...

corrupt fuckers

Anonymous said...

these guys wont last a minute if they hadn't their immunities

Anonymous said...

only a corrupt bastard like Michel would have been selected for "investigating" the assassination of another corrupt mfckr like Harriri

Anonymous said...

UN should just move out of the US - is time to go

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