Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Dutch in Troubles at the United Nations!

After Eveline Herfkens discovery of wrongfully receiving 250,000 USD in housing subsidies at the UN, as well as the involvement of Ad Melkert (another Dutch) in covering up Herfkens at UNDP, today is the day of another corrupt Dutch-men who unjustly was receiving subsidies from Dutch Government while appointed as United Nations Special Envoy for Middle East Peace Talks.

Yesterday the Spokesperson of the UN's Secretary General, when asked about the story said:

"Since Mr. Serry joined UNSCO on 1 January 2008 as Special Coordinator to the Middle East Peace Process, at the invitation of the Dutch government, Mr. Serry's family members have been residing in the Dutch Ambassador's residence in Ireland at no cost, since the building is being sold and is no longer earmarked for the incoming successor. However, an arrangement is being made to enable Mr. Serry to reimburse the Dutch government of the fair and reasonable monthly rent value for the period between 1 January through 30 June 2008."

It seems that Dutch Government is nothing else but a CASHIER of failed Dutch politicians whom are dissatisfied with UN big paychecks and on top of that they still want to put their hand into the Dutch Tax-payers money back at home.

While unemployment and poverty has reached Netherlands as many other European countries as well, these Dutch Politicians don't seem to give a dam of Netherlands and its reputation in the world.

Question is how can Mr. Robert Serry, represent and be a Peace Negotiator when he is corrupt and a liar ?

UNDP Watch will continue to uncover these stories.........stay with us for more.

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In the meantime Norway has committed to fund the UN madiators for the Norway Rescue council and got one of its diplomats Kai Eide to be the next UN envoy in Afghanistan. Not bad......
This is a very edifying article on the number of those representatives