Friday, March 28, 2008

UNDP Erases Israel, Discovers New Country

That UNDP's management were anti-Semite this was/is well known, that they have made sure that israelis not be employed inside UNDP, this also was/is known, but that UNDP, the development branch of United Nations to re-write history and actually deny Israel existence - this is another dangerous precedent that this rogue organization is setting.

The UNDP purports to be "the UN’s global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life," and it would seem that some of their colleagues on the ground in Lebanon are advocating a change of their own, taking liberties with regard to content by listing Palestine as its neighbor to the south.

From the United Nations Development Programme page About Lebanon:

The Lebanese Republic is a small, mostly mountainous country in the Western
Asia, on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered by Syria to
the north and east, and Palestine to the south. Due to its sectarian diversity,
Lebanon follows a special political system, known as confessionalism, to
distribute power as evenly as possible among different sects...

Don't worry, though. The UNDP recognizes Israel when it has something to blame it for, from the same page of UNDP Lebanon you read that:

...Moreover, the war by Israel against Lebanon in July 2006 was devastating to
the economy. A very promising tourist season and strongly resurgent economic
activity were interrupted, employment opportunities reduced and unemployment

It seems that Kemal Dervis and Martha Ruedas do not care anymore about United Nations version on the war of 2006.

UNDP Watch is taking the liberty to quote from UN's main website version of the war:(

New hostilities on the Israeli-Lebanese Border started on 12 July 2006 when Hizbollah launched several rockets from Lebanese Territory across the BlueLine towards IDF positions . . . In parallel, Hizbollah fighters crossed the Blueline and attacked an Israeli patrol and captured two Israeli soldiers, killed three others and wounded two more".

But since lately Ban Ki-moon seem to agree with everything UNDP does - maybe he agrees with President of Iran and Syria that Israel "does not exist".

UNDP Watch and all UNDP staffers around the world call for immediate resignations of Kemal Dervis and Martha Ruedas, and demand an open investigation to how and who instigated such actions.

Here is the UNDP Lebanon Web-Site

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