Thursday, July 15, 2010

Requisition Closure and Cleanup

Issue Source: Atlas Helpdesk, BOM Units

Affected Parties: Country Offices, Office of Finance

Categorization: Efficiency – Office Organization/User Capacity

While there has been a considerable amount of communication on PO closure and exception cleanup, there has been no attempt to organize closure or cleanup of requisitions. Requisitions, from a business standpoint, are not as important to close or clean because they do not result in expenditure, nor do they count against available budget. However, the lack of requisition closure as well as numerous exceptions is beginning to have an impact on performance. As the data in the system continues to grow, this will become even more critical.

Further discussion is needed on what can be done to address this problem. Adding metrics in the Financial Dashboard may not be one approach, but given the lack of financial impacts of the requisition, may not be the best.

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