Thursday, July 15, 2010

Journal Identification by User or Office

Issue Source: Atlas User Survey

Affected Parties: Country Offices, Headquarters

Categorization: Efficiency – Application Usability

General Ledger journal entries are often difficult to identify by office or user. This is because unlike source systems such as AP or PO, GL maintains its information by a business unit equivalent to the agency. It is still possible to retrieve journals by user or by operating unit (country office) referenced on a journal, but it must be done separately in a query and cannot be retrieved simply through the Journal Entry page, as it can by office for AP Journal Vouchers. "Lost" GL JE's can lead to additional work effort in re-entry or duplicate recording of financial transactions. However, risk is low due to approval and ongoing review of financials. OFA has released procedures on clearing out pending journal entries that may have been entered by mistake, and monitoring queries have been provided.

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