Thursday, July 15, 2010

Budget Transaction Detail Report

Issue Source: Atlas User Survey, Atlas Helpdesk

Affected Parties: Country Offices, Headquarters

Categorization: Reporting – Report Accuracy

The Budget Transaction Detail report does not include totals and is missing details for several transaction types. For example, the business unit and voucher id are not shown for realized gain and loss transactions. Because this report pulls from Commitment Control, its use is no longer frequent. Users are encouraged to run project-based reports. Use of the Budget Transaction Detail report is much less frequent as we are encouraging offices to use the Project Transaction Detail, UN_EXP_DETAIL query, GL inquiries and drilldowns, or other reports that retrieve their information from GL and Projects, instead of Commitment Control. This report is primarily useful for reviewing expenditures that were recorded in the budget year, and will not match official expenditure recorded in the CDR. Nonetheless, adding additional detail to this report is considered a future item, but is at a very low priority and will not happen in the near future.

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