Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reports and External Partners

Issue Source: Atlas Helpdesk, Users

Affected Parties: Country Offices, Headquarters,

Categorization: Availability – External Access, Availability – Multi-Language

Data and reports from Atlas are not generally available to external partners. Thus, country offices have to do additional work to provide reports to external partners and external partners do not always receive the information they require in a timely manner. Although the External Access module was rolled out in 2005, it is not used extensively and it does not sufficiently address reporting to external parties. A proper reporting tool, with a proper security management mechanism, running on top of the data warehouse should solve this issue.

There are ongoing plans to roll out the Donor Website to external partners to provide visibility into current and future contributions. Further, row level security is planned for the Executive Snapshot so that access can be provided to external parties. However, there continue to be ongoing concerns over language requirements, since all current Atlas functionality is provided in English only. See related topic on Atlas language.

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