Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inconsistency in PO Conversions

Issue Source: Atlas Helpdesk, Atlas User Survey

Affected Users: Country Offices, Headquarters

Categorization: Efficiency – Lack of System Capabilities

Currency conversion on a PO does not always work properly, especially when the currency is changed after lines are added to the PO. Either the currency codes on the distribution level are inconsistent or the exchange rate is not properly copied down from the header. This often results in amounts updating Commitment Control incorrectly. This can delays processing of the PO and can distort Commitment Control reporting. It can lead to incorrect expenditure if not fixed before running Encumbrance Accounting. This issue requires further investigation and may be addressed in future patches from the vendor (PeopleSoft). For now, users can usually fix themselves by adjusting amounts up or down by 0.01 or by removing or adding distribution lines.

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