Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Servicing the poor people has its benefits - Elizondo can afford a 800 Thousand Condominium ..

With Nicola Baroncini's scandal on UNDP's Regional Bureau for Asia Pacific nepotism and favoritism of high UN officials, it seem that many more information regarding Elizondo's (Deputy Director of RBAP) are now coming out.

It looks like we should expect many more internal confidential informations from the deals UNDP has had with dictators the likes of North Korea and Myanmar.

Questions are being raised as to how Ligia Elizondo:

1. an international public servant;
2. working for UNDP to eradicate poverty in Asia Pacific Region;
3. paid by Tax-Payers public donations to United Nations for the poor;


Maybe the Donor countries and their tax-payers should review the salaries of these individuals who are "servicing the poor" from New York.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you asked ---- about time. want to know how, what, where, when, who?????? anonymous