Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blistering norsk Refsnesstranden head of the UN

UN Ambassador Mona Juul believes that the top manager in the world organization is suitable as a bad leader. In a secret letter to UD hudfletter she UN commander.

Juul, who is one of the two Norwegian ambassadors at the UN delegation in New York, describes in the letter to a top Foreign Ministry as "struggling to show leadership" and that "the enduring rage outbursts," which makes it difficult to work with him.

Ban Ki-moon is coming to Norway 31. August. The report from the Norwegian UN envoy is not the best welcome.

Aftenposten has acquired all of the secret command temp document, as Juul sent to the Foreign Ministry a month ago. It is an evaluation of Ban Ki-moon in connection with that he is halfway through his first term as Secretary General of the United Nations.

-In a time when the United Nations and the need for multilateral solutions to global crises is more necessary than ever, Ban and the UN are outstanding with their absence, writes Juul.


Point for point, she elaborates on the argument. In relation to the financial crisis, she writes that Ban has not managed to make the United Nations to the main arena, and that the so-called g20-group has filled the "vacuum".

On the environmental front "struggle with the United Nations to be relevant," says Juul, who adds that "Bans vote on behalf of the poor hardly NOK have been registered."

Political crises are not Bans force, according to UN ambassador, describing the Secretary General's trip to Burma in the summer as "a shining example" for his lack of "leadership and ability to deliver on the world body's behalf."

Neither trip to war-torn Sri Lanka in May impresses Juul, which refers to him as a "powerless observer" if "moral voice and authority have been absent."


And slaughter continues. Juul draw a picture of Ban as both irresolute, not engaging, not willing to share the limelight and ukarismatisk. In addition, the UN chief to have a mentality that makes it very difficult to work with him:

-Ban has enduring rage outbursts, that even sober-minded and experienced workers have to cope with problems, she writes.

Ban Ki-moon has had to endure criticism about since he was appointed for two and a half years ago. As foreign minister of South Korea, he was known as "bureaucrats", and his soft-spoken style is in contrast to the dedicated predecessor Kofi Annan.

Bans low profile was also one of the reasons why the U.S. wanted him as UN chief. But now even the Americans have probably received NOK, Juul writes, which suggests that many in the Obama Administration is already talking about that Ban will not get a new five-year term as Secretary General.

Sources BBC has spoken to referred to as "embarrassing" for the Foreign Ministry that the UN delegation's positions on Ban is known, but that the large problem lies in the consequences of the contents of the note.

-The United Nations has always been a very important arena for Norway. A weaker UN makes it more difficult for Norway to maintain its image as a peace nation, "said Eli Stamnes senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs.

Mona Juul desired yesterday to comment on the matter to Aftenposten.

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