Wednesday, August 19, 2009

UN's Failed Commander publish the entire document in which the Norwegian UN delegation goes out with merciless criticism by UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

The document makes it clear that the Norwegian UN delegation has been very critical of the way the United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon handle their tasks.

In the note, which is classified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs but that have acquired, making UN Ambassador Mona Juul is clear that Ban has "pretended their absence" by several important occasions, the last time.

Ban Ki-moon. PHOTO: AP

Juul is one of two Norwegian UN ambassadors.Morten Wetland head the UN delegation.

Financial crisis, climate issue, Burma, disarmament and Sri Lanka are among the themes Juul discusses the ramsalte note.

Read the entire Mona Juul note of criticism of the United Nations commander here, or click on the link to the right.

"Continuing outbreaks rage"

Juul, who is married to the Norwegian UN diplomat Terje Røed-Larsen, also refers to Ban as a very difficult man to work with.

- Ban the ongoing rage outbursts, that even sober-minded and experienced workers have to cope with problems, she writes.

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre not even want to give any evaluation to, but specifies that it is the job of diplomats to report on what is the prevailing mood in which they are located.

Ban Ki-moon is coming to Norway 31. August.

Mona Juul has not wanted to comment on the note to

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