Thursday, August 13, 2009

The real Helen clark: Bullying Quote


Over at The Standard, Paul Buchanan made this comment:

I hate to say it, but I think bullying crosses the aisle and is endemic not only in NZ politics but the society at large, be it in academia, government, unions or corporations. Helen Clark openly called for my dismissal from Auckland University when I raised questions about the Zaoui case. She also vilified Deborah Manning, who is one of the more courageous Kiwis I have met. After it was all over and Zaoui won his appeal, Deborah moved on to an international job and Helen got her wish with regards to me.

I’d forgotten about that. So much to remember – Kit Richards, Erin Leigh, Peter Doone also.

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Go figure said...

Beware of quoting the very partisan Kiwiblog too much. Helen truly has lots to answer for, but you won't get unbiased truth from this source. Unless of course, you're really a bunch of right-wingers yourselves and actually feed on Kiwiblog's kind of stuff.