Friday, August 14, 2009

Does Baroncini have moral claim on nepotism?

Nicola Baroncini, walk up one morning to face for himself the cruelty of the United Nations System and the unethical behavior of his supervisor (Elizondo). Well what's new to this?

I was reading the other day his story in the media and it stroke me the following passage:
"Shortly, my wife joined me (she works elsewhere in UNDP)"

Well anyone outside the United Nations reading the above, would definitely have hard time to understand Baroncini's claim for nepotism towards Rebecca Doss. Now all this can be explained with, well they might have got married after both were employed at UNDP.

Could be true or.... not.

But one thing is troubling in his claim - if wife and husband can work together in same place, why should be such a bigger deal for father and daughter not to ?

Also why is Baroncini trying to tell now stories of corruption at RBAP involving Jovita Domingo and Ligia Elizondo ?

Why didn't he come forward before the "accident" ?

Anyhow the above does not exclude and condone Elizondo's and Domingo's behavior, and many of us are aware of both unethical behavior and mismanagement. But it seem that Baroncini have some explaining to do himself, either he comes all clean or he really have no claim.

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External said...

Baroncini and his wife may have met at UNDP and got married - so case closed.
If they were already married and she was in the employ of UNDP under her maiden name, and Baroncini came in as a contract employee w/o divulging that he has a close relative working for UNDP, then he is at fault (this is a practice that is common - I know of three sisters who work for UN or its agencies or programmes but they never divulge their blood relationship -one works in HR for UNDP-go figure, one for UNEP and one for a UNEP programme). Oh "this name is very common in the birth country" is their excuse BUT they never mention that dead dad is a very well connected politico in a certain country.

However, for the father /daughter scenario, was she hired because of her competency or skills or experience or was it because she is the daughter of a Senior Member of the UNDP (who should know about the rules) and the hiring manager is keeping an I.O.U. for later on when she, in turn, would require a favour (btw she bought a residence in the US, she may want to pull an Eveline Herfkens scenario to come back as a consultant later once that green card is approved- a good one for conspiracy theorists if you ask me)
Why did the fellow who has been replaced by Melkert hired both Riza's son and later on Ban's SIL? In the first situation, Riza got him a promotion and now he is expecting to be nominated the WFP head honcho in Rome by Ban with the blessing of the SIL. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours.