Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear Leader Helen's first day in court

Nicola Baroncini, a low-level employee of the RBAP (Regional Bureau for Asia Pacific) is about to appear in court this morning, and promised to drag Helen's UNDP all the way in a saga of nepotism, corruption and who knows what else.

The question though is in which side Helen - Our Dear Leader will stand on?

Will report live from the court house this morning - stay with us.


External said...

Aren't employees of the UN ( even though they are from the mighty USA) forbidden to use their employment or employer's name to meddle into US political business:

Peter Kolonias (United Nations ,New York) December 3rd, 2008 5:28 pm ET

I’m against the auto bailout, however now that its official, we should prevent it from happening again. The Govt. should set up an oversight committee for every auto maker thats involved. Wherever theres money being exchanged, a govt employee should be there to monitor these transactions
Taxpayers will be more comfortable knowing that this oversight will be in place and excess spending will be kept to a minumum
These committees will also create more jobs that will also stimulate the economy.

As a member of the DSS, he should know better than to broadcast his employer, nah may be he just want to be the military police officer bully!!!!!

External said...

We will see whether this Kiwiblogger has got it right:

Anonymous said...

uauuu what a pustis e re!?

External said...

"uauuu what a pustis e re!?"

Got that right :-) Just google the name and you will be edified