Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DEVELOPING NEWS: Baroncini might have copy of all Elizondo's mailbox and ATLAS Profile

Sources inside UNDP's Investigative Division indicate that Baroncini might have had enough time to download all Elizondo's mailbox including all her ATLAS Profile Transactions.

Should the above be true and the content of Elizondo's drive ends up in the hands of New York Prosecutors and/or South District Attorney (or US Mission to the UN) - UNDP might be in for serious troubles. Especially since Elizondo was directly involved in particular confidential deals with Myanmar, North Korea and Afghanistan, where she was ultimately last "Approver" inside complicated financial transactions.

UNDP's Investigators have allegedly found evidence of Elizondo's mailbox including her ATLAS profile in Baroncini's desktop.

Same sources say that Helen Clark's Office has allegedly indicated that a deal be offered immediately to Baroncini and transfer Doss's daughter to another duty station (maybe in Brussels or Copenhagen).

One thing is for sure - UNDP's reputation is yet again at stake and inaction this time might cost a lot to the organization.

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Could it be the same person dropping $898,525 on a condo unit on 200 East 66th st

Green card is coming up and then those consulting gigs - mullah baby.