Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sri Lanka: “D”rama Mani

Sisira Pereira, Panadura

What an interesting drama this "Mani" episode has been.

I was quite amused the other day to read a letter by SCOPP chief Professor Rajiv Wijesinghe to the effect that the notorious Rama Mani episode has yet again produced some more deception stories that this “lady” had “engineered” to remain in Sri Lanka. Seems like Mani had been so dexterous in underhand maneuvering.

Come to think of it, of course, why not, she is an “expert” on issues on “justice” among many other, according to the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP) website!!

And what a lot of justice she had done to the chief of the UNDP regional centre in Colombo!

The UNDP chief is demanding nothing less than a downright apology from Mani for covertly implicating him in a petition!! Whether or not the due apology would be coming from Rama Mani, would be a good watch to look forward to. This Indian lady could have kicked all Bolywood actresses out of business had she chosen that line, I suppose.

DBS Jeyaraj had earlier alleged in an article that some writers who alleged Rama Mani had a gender bias, while, at the same time, admitting that he, himself was both biased and unbiased. Hey, why not, I might say. Mani does have the looks and, in addition, she does seem to be possesing the skills of an actress to "portray" different "faces" to suit the scene!!

The letter by Mr. Omar Noman of the UNDP makes a good reading to everybody who had been very correct in alleging that Mani was up to no good. Yet it may be a slap on the face for all those people who tried every trick under the sun to re-instate her Visa and also for those who tried to whitewash her damaged reputation by writing articles in favour of her in various media, while branding the people behind her eviction as the villains.

There is an adage that implies that having no shame has no boundaries (lejja nethi kama maha mudali kamatath wadaa lokuyilu). The Ancient wisdom has obviously foreseen individuals like Mani!! Rama Mani may have studied in the so-called best of the best of institutions in the West and may have earned degrees, fellowships, honourary memberships (and who knows what) to project herself as a Western advocate of justice for humans in need. I would say, "Nice cover!"

Now that Mani, the masquerader, has proved once again beyond doubt that she has soiled herself in the process of her covert operations in Sri Lanka, with allegations of her (many) treachery coming to light from unexpected quarters, there is also ample opportunity for her associates and followers to wallow in the mess and adorn themselves with the dirt, if they care to lean on Mani more and more.

As for us, we will sit back, relax, watch and enjoy the “dung bath drama” by Mani and her accomplices! Good Show!!

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