Monday, February 18, 2008

Is UNDP behind the vote-rigging scandal in Pakistan?

While the whole world including the United States of America are thinking of PLAN "C" on Pakistan. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its leadership (Kemal Dervis and Ad Melkert) seem relentless in continuing their direct aid and sponsor of Government led terror and dictatorship in Pakistan.

On December 5, 2007 - UNDP Watch denounced UNDP's actions in Pakistan in aligning itself with Musharraf and other government authorities against all democratic forces and oposition in that country. (ACP-RBAP/07/0004 - $ 915,636.00)

Today, 3 days after the barbaric killing of one of the greatest woman in the world, H.E. Benazir Bhutto from what seem to be Al-Qaeda / Taleban with direct links to military junta and secreet services of Musharraf, - UNDP Watch received more proof of how the United Nations Development Programme is assisting the evil forces of Musharraf to keep their dictatorship grip in Pakistan.

Today's Submission is : ACP-RBAP/07/0036
Total Amount: $ 433,177.00
Contractor Winner: M/S Interflow Communications
Purpose of Contract: Electoral Electronic Media Production
Status: Approved from Akiko Yuge (signed from Krishan Batra)

But the InterFlow wasn't even close to winning the so-called competitive bid in the country office. in fact in the documents seen from UNDP Watch they ranked the third in all areas of bid.

Than how can Akiko Yuge and Krishan Batra justify the award to InterFlow ? Do they know how to read English ? How can UNDP continue to rely on ingnorant individuals to manage its 5 Billion dollar a year Procurements?

Only on the last 4 months of 2007, UNDP has spent in total more than $ 8 Million USD from its Office in Islamabad, and provided in a form of HARD- CASH to Government satelite companies. What's more important to Private Company(s) which have failed to disclose :

- what they intend to do with that money;
- how would they spend that money;
- who is in payroll of these companies;
- who owns these companies in Pakistan;

In a volatile situation such as Pakistan, where law and order are kept only thanks to private-deals between Prez. Musharraf and the various Heads of Tribes around the country, is fair to ask the question:

1. Who told UNDP to open and award such trust fund for state sponsor dictatorship in Pakistan?
2. Where are the decisions of the UNDP's Executive Board that authorizes UNDP to spend more than 8 Million USD in direct slush-funds for Musharraf Government ?

3. How come Akiko Yuge, Krishan Batra (Heads of UNDP's Procurement Body) allowed that such transactions be incurred without following the basics of United Nations - Procurement Rules and Regulations?

We will come with more on this, including all documents on UNDP's Pakistani Connections.


External said...

Please do a search on Ogilyy and Mather Asia Pacific that has acquired part of the advertising business of Interflow communications.

Anyone remembers the PPP of the UNDP Pakistan with Nestle and it is interesting to know that The agency’s (O&M) foundation clients will include Nestlé, Unilever, British American Tobacco, the Dubai Investment Bank, and Total, along with some local clients. Shakeel Khokar has assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer. Mr Khokar’s career in advertising spans Interflow, McCann Erickson, Asiatic (JWT), and Standard Chartered Bank.
The buck has to stop somewhere :o

External said...

How close is Interflow with the Pak Govt?
Any NRPakistani applying for a NICOP card ( National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) needs to send their application to Interflow either in New jersey, USA, the UK or Karachi:

The interesting thing is the application form- see item #27 and 32. Only Pakistanis and other Muslims will know its significance.