Monday, April 7, 2008

UNDP's Medial Alert Team (MAT) in HIGH ALERT and expanding

David Morrison demanded this afternoon from Ad Melkert that MAT - Media Alert Team take over the current situation created by the leaked Venezuela corruption story.

MAT was created amids North Korea crisis which has demonstrated that UNDP needed a more permanent crisis capacity to handle media crisis situation to ensure that the impact on the day‑to‑day operations and focus of senior management is not diverted over a longer period of time. OC is already working on a new structural set up to be better equipped to handle the new media environment, but other key units also need to be involved.

Since mid-June 2007, MAT's cost to UNDP almost 3.9 million USD, which are totally unaccounted for and never approved from UNDP's Executive Board for such an expenditure.

Since David Morrison is a pathological liar, and first thing first he will deny the existence of MAT, we are publishing here the minutes of the SMT Retreat on 12-14 June 2007.

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