Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bernard Kliksberg El Padrino de PNUD en America Latina

Known from the staff as "El Padrino" of UNDP Latin America Bureau, Bernardo Kliksberg is a real life mafioso.

At the same time as he works as full time personal advisor to Rebeca Grynspan the Assistant Secretary General of United Nations for latin America Burea, this chap makes US$429,341 Thousand Dollars a year, from:

1. Full Time Employee of UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA);
2. Full Time Employee of UN Development Programme (UNDP);
3. Full Time Employee of InterAmerican Development Bank in Washington DC (BID);
4. Consultant of UN Development Programme in Argentina;

Thanks to honest UNDP staff inside Regional Bureau for Latin America, we are publishing today the hundreds of thousand of dollars El Padrino makes free of tax in USA thanks to his G4 visa status as an UNDP "employee".





Anonymous said...

you guys should publish the DESA/DPADM's records, at the same time he was under UNDP SSA he was also DESA's SSA contract holder and was paid by them as well.

Anonymous said...

while UNDP projects this charlatan as Nr#1 poverty guy for latin America, is well known that Kliksberg only run after his money and he is the architect of the so called NEX Latin America - where corrupt government has turned UNDP into their cashier for channeling their money out of their countries. Shame on UNDP

Anonymous said...

I remember him very well he is the most annoying consultant that would go everytime to ASG just to claim any small delay in his payments. While never ever delivered anything. He is all talk but nothing substantial there.

Anonymous said...

It's scary that everyone that posts here has to remain anonymous, including myself. Everyone is terrified of the ramifications if our employers (UNDP) found out we were posting on this blog. I feel like all the laws and rules that apply to American corporations don't apply at all to the United Nations and this needs to stop. I understand that the United Nations is not an U.S. run corporation but it doesn't have to be like a communist run company either. I am an employee at UNDP and have been harassed and ill treated. I can't afford to say anything in fear of being fired and stripped of any benefits I have accumulated. I hope these posts lead to something fructiferous.

Anonymous said...

This guy is out and out a fraud. I have had the misfortune of being with him on several panels in seminars and workshops. He is totally vacuous, if not a rabble rouser. In all these years how he managed to fool so many in so many different institutions boggles my mind!

One of his biggest fans was Mr. Bertucci of UNDESA who recently retired, with corruption allegations. Mr. Bertucci gave Mr. Kliksberg numerous contracts without any tangible benefit to the Department.

This guy should be banned for life from UN.

Anonymous said...

I worked with this guy at the IDB. Not only is he a total intellectual fraud, but he is is very acquainted with fraud. He was fired for ethics misconduct (the ethics guru of LAC!). I guess anybody who's worked with him has seen it: bullying of subordinates, mismanagement of funds, inappropriate use of IBD funds and staff for personal use, unjustified absence from his post... the list goes on. If he at least had the courage to make a dishonest living preaching something else... but he exploits poverty and the poor. Truly, when the top layers of our institutions make this man the face of ethics and social responsibility, they are saying a lot about themselves.