Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UN report finds 43% of procurement is tainted by fraud

United Nations LogoAccording to a leaked report from internal United Nations auditors, 43% of UN procurement investigated is tainted by fraud. Out of $1.4 billion in UN contracts internally investigated, $610 million was tainted by ten “significant fraud and corruption schemes."

Since 43% of the procurement contracts are tainted and the U.S. taxpayer contributes up to 25% of all UN funding, it is safe to say the entire U.S. contribution in this case has been lost to corruption and waste.

Key Facts:

8 UN procurement officials have been suspended,

4 have been charged with management deficiencies or breach of U.N. rules, and

3 have been found guilty of bribery and related crimes by U.S. federal courts.

Further Readings:

UN Procurement Task Force Report (108.9 KBs)
Oct 5, 2007

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