Wednesday, April 2, 2008


UNDP Statement 1:

An April 1 story on Fox News by George Russell asserts that UNDP awarded a $2.3 million contract for airport scanners in Venezuela without competitive bidding. UNDP made it clear to Mr. Russell that a full competitive process was in fact followed.
[Click here to see UNDP’s response to Mr. Russell’s question.]
[Click here to see UNDP’s full exchange with Fox News.]

Additionally, Point No. 5 of the very document cited by Mr. Russell actually confirms that the contact was competitively bid.
[Click here to view the internal UNDP document.]


If you click on the above document from the UNDP website, the document reads out :

Caso Prepuesto: Solicitud de excepcion a un proceso competitivo, para contratar
con la empresa SETRONIX, C.A. (venezuela), por un monto total de US$
2,375,000.00, provenientes de recursos financieros del Gobierno de Venezuela.

UNDP Statement 2:

Mr. Russell’s claim that “financial payments listings are normally not made public by UNDP’s top management” is also inaccurate. All UNDP contracts valued at more than $100,000 are part of the public record.


If you click on the UNDP's Procurement Notices Site, any search under AWARDS would come empty. Making the above claim from UNDP another LIE.

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