Monday, April 7, 2008

UNDP Headquarters in high IT alert after the exposure of its corrupt activities in Venezueala

After the second story on Fox-News on the corruption with the Venezuelan procurement of scanners, Akiko Yuge - Assistant Secretary General for Bureau of Management at UNDP ordered an immediate shut-down of all access to ACP Procurement Database. 

Yuge also dictated that the office of Fridakis and friends implement Phase Nr#2 of the so called "ICT Risk Strategy" which means:

- all internal and external communications including email/VSat/eFax be put under tight watch;
- all phone calls internal and external including voice mail be put under tight watch;

It is also reported that many staffers while they can access CNN and other media as usual they are experiencing 8 - 15 minutes delays in accessing the FOX-NEWS stories, InnercityPress and UNDP Watch.

At least 8 staffers from RBLAC (Latin America Bureau) and PSO (Procurement Support Office) has been called for "questioning" at the Office of UNDP's Chief Investigator Mr. Dubuois.

Anonymous sources say that the OAPR Investigators are nervous and pressured to find the "culprits" of who leaked the Venezuela story outside. Sources also say that the climate inside RBLAC is tense and everyone is afraid of the other, and Professionals have started to finger-point each other, while G-support staff is kept under strict control and out of the "loupe".

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