Wednesday, November 21, 2012

UNDP in Gaza giving $$$millions to Hamas to rebuild its infrastructure damaged from "Israeli bombardments"

Click here to download a copy of the project document which UNDP doesn't want anyone to read

This is the UNDP team in Palestine territories:

UNDP/PAPP Management Team


Senior Management

Frode Mauring Special Representative of the Administrator
Yasmine Sherif Deputy Special Representative of the Administrator
Khaled Shahwan Deputy Special Representative (Operations)
Sasha Graumann Head of Gaza Office

Team Leaders

Abla Amawi Governance and Social Development
Nasser Faqih Poverty Reduction
Rima Abu Middain Natural Capital and Environment
Sufian Mushasha Strategy, Research and Advisory Unit
Walid Hasna Chief of Engineering and Infrastructure


Amar Bokhari Programme Management Adviser - Global Fund
Tomislav Condic Field Security Advisor
Chantal Beaubien Legal Advisor

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