Monday, November 26, 2012

UNDP's champion of reform in Syria: Asma al-Assad is.... PREGNANT..... and she is looking for new Christian Louboutin heels to celebrate !

So that's where Bashar has been... Asma al-Assad is reportedly pregnant!

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Known as the power behind the throne, Asma al Assad, wife of the Syrian President, Bashar, is a force to be reckoned with. The glamorous and much maligned First Lady has been keeping a low profile of late. Her last public appearance in Syria was in January when she appeared with her husband and children at a pro-regime march in Damascus.
Since then, Syria has descended into civil war and concrete evidence of the torture measures that her husband's regime routinely used on his people has emerged. In the present day, Bashar al Assad's forces continue to use cluster bombs and TNT on Syrian civilians and rebel troops alike.
But for Asma, the world is a much softer place of family gatherings and shopping trips to London for the latest pair of Louboutin heels. This week news emerged that amidst the death and destruction in their country, the Assads have found time to plan some new life of their own.
According to online newspaper, 'Akhbar Shabab Soriya' (Syria Youth News), Asma al Assad is five months pregnant with her fourth child. The 37-year-old British born and educated First Wife will be looking forward to some more time on London's high streets, dressing up the latest addition to the controversial Syrian family no doubt.  
You remember this Fox News story on UNDP and its special relations with the Syrian Lady in Louboutin heels? 

Asma al-Assad is UNDP's champion of reform in Syria
UNDP's special relations with dictators and terror is well documented. Yet, they continue to operate covered by UN Immunity. Click here for Fox News story.

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