Monday, November 5, 2012

In Bosnia UNDP does more round tables discussions on another "working document" (that's why Bosnia will never become a real nation - because its a work in progress...!!)

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31/10/2012 - Round Table - Public Dialogue on Working Document for Transitional Justice Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina", organized by the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees and the Ministry of Justice, with the support of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bosnia and Herzegovina and thanks to financial contribution from the Government of Switzerland, began yesterday in Banja Luka. 

Taking into consideration the complexity of an issues facing BiH society with the recent past, in early 2010, the Council of Ministers has initiated the process of drafting of Transitional Justice Strategy 2012-2016 and the Action Plan for its implementation, and also rendered a decision to establish the Expert Working Group for development of the Strategy. The Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees in BiH are the key stakeholders in this process.

Within the project "Dealing with the Past and Build Confidence for the Future", which is partly funded by the Government of Switzerland, UNDP BIH provides technical and financial support to promote the goals of transitional justice and support the elaboration process of transitional justice in BiH. UNDP also provides support in the implementation of activities that contribute to finding appropriate instruments for transitional justice situation in BiH.

This roundtable is the second in a series of roundtables to be organized in order to open a dialogue on strategic issues and the development of transitional justice strategy working documents at all levels of government and with the active participation of civil society.

Click here for this at UNDP Bosnia:

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