Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who's doing business with the UN? – get the data

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Developing and emerging economies, led by India and Russia, are winning a growing share of UN business but American companies still dominate

united nations soldiers
UN peacekeeping forces in Ivory Coast. Which countries are doing the most business with the UN? Photograph: Rebecca Blackwell/AP
The UN spends billions of dollars each year buying goods and services for peacekeeping, humanitarian and development projects around the world. In the UK, this has made the global body a key target for the government's aid-funded business service, which seeks to connect British companies with the lucrative business opportunities offered by development finance.

The share of UN business going to rich countries has long been a source of contention for developing countries. Two general assembly resolutions, in 2005 and 2007, pushed the UN to increase opportunities for firms from developing and transition economies to win its contracts. In 2006, China and the G77 group of developing countries "noted with dismay" the small share of UN business going to the majority of member states...

Click here for this in full @ the guardian:

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