Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tegegnework Gettu:- the man behind the secret deals inside UNDP

Tegegnework Gettu
Assistant Secretary General
Director of Regional Bureau for Africa
frmr Chief (deal maker) of Staff of Kemal Dervis

Would his secrets deals affect Helen Clark ?
Should she be worried ?

coming soon........


Anonymous said...

Yes, please provide news. What Americans need to be aware is that he is anti-american yet shameless enough to live, work and have two sons in the US. What most Americans don't know is that he is also pro-China - and hence dangerous to the US. He is the main person behind organizing numerous China-UNDP conferences in Addis and other places and heralding China style of development across Africa... supported by UNDP... this fact is a reality and needs to be shared with Ros-Lehtinen; Ambassador Tolsetorre and others. He needs to be stopped now and urgently possibly as a national security threat to the US.

Anonymous said...

If USUN i serious about transparency at UNDP Africa, they should demand the list of all Chinese "consultants" who have been hired as "IT specialists" across UNDP COs in Africa. Many of them are performing CORE functions including: "server maintenance", "email backups" etc.

Also under him Chinese companies have infiltrated thru out "local vendor" databases without any screening or proper vendor registration process. Millions of dollars are being destined to cheep Chinese products, instead of investing in local African (made-in-africa) and strengthen local entrepreneurship.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested should rather have a look at "white Africans" like Gettu-Darshak link and who they have hired and promoted thru out Africa. Darshak Shah's business interests, and specially his wife's and family are all directly linked to "specific Country Offices". It's not hard at all to have a quick search of local vendor databases and realize the extend of this mafia.

Anonymous said...

He has got the right position to full fill his vision for development of poor African countries .