Sunday, October 23, 2011

Heather Simpson forced out of the shadow:- Officially the de-jure Chief of Staff

For those at UNDP who called Heather Simpson the machiavellian schemer who would always be careful NOT to take a picture with Helen Clark while traveling with her around the globe, now is the time to really sh** bricks.


Yes, you heard that well. After the direct threat to Helen Clark from a "powerful government" at the last Executive Board meeting, Uncle Helen could trust no one else at UNDP's cupola with the next move :


Only Heather Simpson can pull this off. Will she be able to navigate the corrupt waters of internal politics at UNDP... only time would tell. Eventhough, "time" is the only thing Uncle Helen doesn't have. She has a deadline to change UNDP forcefully by end of 31st December 2011.

How can you change a specialized professional network like UNDP, were most of current management has been trained and certified by top "capacity building companies" like MI6, GRU, ASIS, CSIS, FE, SUPO, DGSE, AIVD, ISI, SASS, SEBIN, etc??

Well only a NZSIS certified, who has also navigated the New Zealand politics for almost quarter century can do it.

One thing is for sure, Uncle Helen cannot return in New Zealand and the only way is to navigate her ship in the international waters for "awhile", thus brace up UNDP, you aint seen nothing yet!

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