Thursday, October 20, 2011

History of Akiko Yuge's actions as Chief Procurement officer at UNDP

Akiko Yuge awards 4.8 Million $ contract on IP-PBX without competitive bid and against all rules

UNDP Watch is begining a series of reviews of past UNDP Procurement decisions. Please be patient with us while we review each and every 2800 submissions to ACP. Since UNDP decided to put off-line all ACP submissions and their documentations - UNDP Watch will be publishing slowly everyday one full submission - for Public review, information and judgement. We know that it will take long, almost 1400 days, but don't worry it will be fun, and why not we all will learn from our own mistakes.

Today's Submission is : ACP-07-0845 - IP-PBX (BOM/OIST)
Total Amount: $ 4.8 Million
Status: Approved from Akiko Yuge

Tens of millions of dollars have flown from UNDP headquarters and country offices to Vendor-C from 2004, based on an LTA (Long Term Agreement) that was reached without a competitive biding and on a Direct Review basis.

What's more scandalous is that UNDP renewed C-Vendor's LTAs in 2005 (for one year) and 2006 (for two years) again without any competitive biding.

While is the job of OIOS and OAPR to immediately investigate all current LTA status within the UNDP, our story of today is about the latest award ACP-07-0845 which is among BOM/OIST and Vendor for the IP-PBX.

Akiko Yuge the Asisstant Secretary General and Director of Bureau of Management, approved the waiver of competitive Bid for a value of 4.8 millions $. The question is that how a Chief Procurement Officer, like Yuge approves a contract that is based on (a) a non-competitive LTA, and (b) on services that are not described and included under the original contract with the C-Vendor dated 2004.

But the story doesnt stop here during the Krishan Batra's absence, Ms. Yuge - pressured from Shirine and OIST went along and signed the approved the contract.

The Head of ACP - Krishan Batra thinks that Akiko shouldn't have approved it. But being an indian, Krishan doesn't know how to say this to his Boss.

Questions: (1) who is getting bribed from C-Vendor ? (2) Is it Akiko Yuge ? (3) Is it Shirine or is Elsie Laurence Chounoune the head of CAP of OIST ?

UNDP Watch sent an email to OAPR and OIOS to request an immediate investigation on C-Vendor and OIST latest bid.

If Mr. Khoury and Ms. Ahlenius will not consider to investigate the ACP-07-0845 within 48 hours from today, the UNDP watch will make public all documents about this submission including all contracts with C-Vendor dated back to 2004.

Questions for Kemal Dervis: How many contract UNDP HQs have awarded to C-Vendor since 2004 ? How many contract UNDP COs have awarded to C-Vendor based on the fake LTA signed at HQs? What would be the market & public reactions if they would know the (a)totality of all contract awards to C-Vendor and (b) the modality under which the contract was awarded to C-Vendor?

** we will answer these questions on tomorrow's follow up story.


Meanwhile UNDP Watch call upon all UNDP staff to clean-up all your C& D- Drives because BIG BROTHER is watching you since last monday. Kemal Dervis has installed a new software that goes thru every your email and search for meta-tags (words). Change your passwords every 3 days and dont use your childrens or wifes names - they have them on files.

Day One Call: UNDP Watch Calls for immediate resignations of Akiko Yuge on the ground of incompetency and corrupt behaviour!!!!

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