Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ban Ki moon wants 4 large size sedans for UN secretariat in New york (meaning Mercedes-Benz or BMW)

A new term as Secretary General deserves a brand new 550 Mercedes-benz.

Why not is US Taxpayers money anyway.

Let's see if Ban Ki Moon's PTD will chose an American sedan over a European one.

Here is the procurement EOI

(Click here to view this on PTDs own website)

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Title of the EOI:

Provision of Vehicles in Support of United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Date of this EOI: 18 October 2011

Closing Date for Receipt of EOI at PD: 2 November 2011

EOI Number: EOIWN17120

E-mail Address:

Address EOI response by fax for the Attention of: Wendy Noble

Fax Number: 212-963-6315

UNCCS Code: 491730


1. The UN Procurement Division is seeking expressions of interest from qualified vendors for the supply

and delivery of new vehicles, in particular 4 large-size sedans and 1 small 2-door sedan for the

transportation of UN representatives, staff and equipment at the United Nations Headquarter in New York.

2. A detailed description of the requirement will be conveyed in the solicitation document. In general, the

United Nations places a high priority on the environment and wishes to acquire products that are made to

the highest standards. The vehicles must be compliant for use in the USA, designed to provide maximum

safety/security and offering modern fuel-efficient engines, to provide the best value for money over the

vehicles expected life-cycle. Vehicles offered by the UN should be backed by the vehicle manufacturer's

warranty for a minimum of 3 years/36,000 miles.


Anonymous said...

Ban Ki Moon can afford a new luxury sedan every 36,000 miles - while at USUN (who pays 27% of UN expenses) have to settle for cheep FORD SUVs ?

How does that work? Is the UN a non-for-profit ? How can they overspend the donors?

Anonymous said...

In Africa, United Nations claims to spend all funds in purchasing "locally made products" to incentive the local economy.

While in New york they settle for German Mercedes or BMWs...? How come? Doesn't NY/US economy needs incentives?