Thursday, October 13, 2011

US Ambassador for UN Reform Torsella calls for striping UNDP from RC and HC functions: Says others should "step up"

in a very clever and diplomatic way, Amb Torsella said today that:

First, funding of the Resident Coordinator system should involve burden-sharing. Relying exclusively on UNDP funding for the RC system not only places a heavy financial burden on UNDP, but it is inconsistent with the purpose of the RC system, which is a system shared by and for the benefit of the entire UN development community. Secondly, there is an urgent need to ensure enhanced coordination and consultation between UNDP, which is the manager of the RC system, and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the selection of RCs for countries likely to require significant humanitarian response operations.

Basically in UN-ish this means the end of UNDP's exclusive leadership and management era of Resident Coordinator (RC) and Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) systems.

We are certain that Amb. Torsella knows very well that both RC and HC have been a source of enormous wealth to UNDP and NOT a burden. UNDP has CASHED IN from every other organization, charging fees for the "exclusive burden". Maybe a review of all FEES collected from UNDP in past 4 years would appropriate at this time.

2nd Cmtt says should no longer be trusted 2 head & systems, others should take over. Striping from it!

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