Monday, June 16, 2008

UNDP assisted Iranian Regime to set-up and strengthen its terrorist banking network in Latin America

UN's Security Council Resolutions 1737 and 1747 called for the whole world to watch out from Iranian's Regime tentatives to disguise its proliferation and terrorism activities through various forms and mechanisms to evade being detected.

To further respond to the Iranian threats on March 03, 2008 the UN Security Council passed a resolution in which called all UN Member States to "exercise vigilante" over activities of financial and banking systems in their countries with Iran's Banks.

But while member states, were engagted in saveguarding and complying to such World Resolutions, it seems that UN's flagship agency, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) once again opted out claiming immunity of any such Resolutions.

In April 1st, 2008 the United States Mission to the UN (USUN) sent a letter to Ad Melker and Kemal Dervis asking for a disclosure of all Procurement Contracts/Vendors awarded in the past years, the UNDP leadership freaked out.

The whole month of April and May they prepared squads in each Regional Bureau to : (a) identify potential wrong doings; (b) clean-up where possible; (c) destroy all evidence.
As part of a latest clean-up of Financial Accounts and its Vendor List, the office of Darshak Shah and julie Anne Mejia in cooperation with the Regional Bureau of Latin America have deleted from the UNDP's ATLAS at HQs and in about 13 Country Office Business Units (BU) the following Vendor:

#1289: Banco Internacional de Desarrollo SA (Venezuela)

For the past 3 weeks only a handful of officials and selected Finance "experts" were informed about the operation.

The order was clear:

1. If BU had no transaction with the above vendor => ACTION = DELETE;

2. if BU had transactions thru the above vendor and entries were recorded in GL => ACTION = Change Vendor form to read = BID = Banco Inter-americano de Desarrollo;

Since very few people inside Comptroller's and Treasury's offices have the rights to make changes in ATLAS and change as well Vendor INFO Page, is very easy to identify who took such actions.

While is certain that UNDP or so called Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) has done "nothing wrong" and is un-justifiably being targeted, the entire ATLAS records of BUs from Venezuela, Guatemala, Ecuador, etc, as well as HQs proves the contrary.

One question comes to our mind - how many Iranian officials has UNDP sponsored to travel to Latin America in the past 3 years for "training", "exchange programmes" and "capacity building"??

Another question is how can a Finance Officer either at HQs or COs mistake two disctinct vendors, one called :
  • (1) Banco Inter-Americano de Desarrollo; with
  • (2) Banco Internacional de Desarrollo SA; ?

Only at UNDP kids - only at UNDP !!!

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