Wednesday, June 25, 2008

COMMENTS: The White Africans who secure UNDP are spreading


Mr. Devis, Mr. Melkert and Mr. Gettu you now have another moral and political dilemma that you must either address or hide and we call upon you to prove that you are the mangers we all hope you are and make the changes.

Our one brave former ResRep who replied is correct that OHRM is a joke. OHRM and OAS management allowed the security unit to create the Afrikaner “mafia” if they did not provide the management necessary.

Where except in UNDP can you top up your team with mostly one nationality and get away with it? Where was our staff association in protecting us from this travesty? Where is Mr. Samaras, our President, who claim to be honest and put staff first why is he not speaking out? If OHRM denies responsibility then the question is who was “protecting” Mr. Leon and Mr. Jab as they did this?

The former ResRep was also correct that the Administrator should look at the qualifications of those in the security team now and a focus on those mentioned originally to see if this is true. He or she is correct that dilettantes should not be meddling in affairs as serious as security. When this happen you get Algiers.

If OHRM practices in the security unit were abrogated and allows Mr. Leon’s Afrikaners an advantage the Administrator should demand to know why and these should be removed.
The sad part of this story is that many people allowed Mr. Leon and Mr. Jab to mismanage the security for UNDP for a long time. I think this is why Mr. Leon did not get his coveted D1 and was replaced. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree and Mr. Jab and the other Afrikaners remain in situ. Now they are about to send another South African educated to Lebanon, without due process.

Why did nobody come forward earlier?

I think this blog explains why. Our voices have not been heard for so many years that we fear speaking up. There is no whistleblower protections for many of us in UNDP. UNDP has refused in implementing an internal ethics investigations office. Where else are we to turn? There are really few secrets in UNDP you just have to ask the right persons the right questions. Ask your administrative staff we know. Ask your staff association they know. If you ask however you must provide us the protection to honestly speak out.

UNDP watch and Innercity Press have shown that speaking out without these protections places your future in UN at risk. And I doubt that the USUN mission will protect any of us who are not American nationality.

We are all watching and waiting to see what will happen. Thank you UNDP Watch.

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