Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"No Confidence" vote for Ban Ki-moon and the only reason was: "he and his wife spend too much in air fares" ! While at UNDP: Samaras seem to be OK with moving Bratislava Centre to Turkey

In the looser world of UN's Staff Union, the only thing wrong with the current secretary general (Ban Ki-moon) is:

Aware that the travel costs of the Secretary-General and his entourage, including his spouse, constitute a significant expense to the Organization;

That's the only thing the leadership of Staff Union, who scratches their scrotum all day and get paid for doing nothing, (& never-ever defended any staff) could think as problematic with the dysfunctional United Nations system !

And here is their ridiculous, useless Staff Resolution :

Click here to read this @ InnerCityPress:

Click here to read this @ InnerCityPress:

Ah..and for the UNDP audience, this is what's coming your way:

"We estimate that a US$50 million dollar cut from previously planned spending will be needed this year to keep UNDP’s core liquidity balance at a minimum of three months at the end of the year.” Click here for this

Let's see what UNDP's own staff council will say about this...since it seems that they failed to protect the Bratislava staffers from loosing their jobs who are due to be transferred to Turkey.

Many say that Dimitri Samaras (a Greek) has agreed with the Turkish ASG of RBEC about the move.

In case you want to say smth about contact the Staff Council these are your representatives:

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